Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Logo/Story Change

Hey guys, here is an idea for a logo/title.
Still a work in progress, and i think i want the full title to be "Spark Gap Future"
Any feed back?

Story change as well.

I was talking with Frankie about this during lunch and i want to see what you guys think. The story will play off the idea of what would have happened if Tesla and Edison never stopped working together. the cut throat business approach of Edison driving the sheer intelligence of Tesla. What the world could have been like 60 years later (around 1950) if Tesla never left after not receiving the 50k, perhaps over time for not having stood up to Edison he would have become a weaker person, wealthy yes, but basically just a puppet of Edison.

If i had to pick a moral for the story it would be standing up for yourself and what you believe in.

So there are two ways this story can go, either we are that weaker Tesla from the future coming back to the past to tell his younger self to stand up to Edison and quit the company, OR we are young Tesla who makes a mistake during an experiment and gets sent to this dystopian future that is ruled by a very old and powerful Edison. Young Telsa will inevitably stumble upon the truth through game play/story moments that this is his doing and that he must find his way back to the past to fix the mistake he was originally going to make.

I'm already way more excited about this story than my last one.

So feel free to tell me what you think or if you have ideas to build upon it.

Update: Fixed The G in the Logo


  1. I think it's a good start, but i'm confused about the time travel. Is time travel really necessary in telling this story? I think it would be worth a try, to consider other alternatives besides sending tesla into the future/past. Using time travel to explain the outcome of Tesla's decisions later in life, seems like the easy/cliche way to go about the story.

    I think it would be stronger, if Tesla finds the courage to stand up for himself without the assistance of Future tesla and/or being transported to a dystopian future.

    but I think you are off to a good start.

    1. I think i understand where you coming from and i agree for story it would be seen as a stronger message if he did it by himself. For that reason alone I'm canning older Tesla coming back to warn him.

      A game play element i wanted to go with now is to hide and manipulate the environment with light and gadgets. It would have very little fighting aspect to it.

      Perhaps if it was set in Tesla's present time he would stumble upon secrets to what Edison was planning to use him for. Sneaking around uncovering mystery's in the grimy and industrial 1885's New York. Its definitely something i'll think about.

      Personally i just really like dystopian futures lol, i think it would be possible to have it be a slow reveal so its less of a cop-out. Also setting it in the future lets me add "Tesla collecting parts to eventually get back home" as a game play element. But i could have him collecting something else as well if its his present time.

      Sorry, that was a looong message...

  2. and also, not to be mean.. but the word "gap" reads as "crap" to me. The capital G, looks like a C and R.

  3. Dan, I dig the future/ time travel idea but let me throw a curve ball at you - what if, let's say one night, while Tesla was in Edison's lab working late one night, a freak accident happens and tesla is electrocuted, or something like that - putting him in a comma for 50 years, a hundred years, i dont know - meanwhile, Edison has totally DOMINATED the energy race and has built an empire. This way, you can keep the future idea, but dont have to worry about time travel. further note, while in a comma tesla has all these radical dreams about a fantastic society and coming out of the comma motivates him to pursue those visions. chew on it for a spell. glad you are feeling better bout this, either way.

  4. I'm super late in this post/comment game. You won't see this until after BFA unfortunately.... All I have to say is the name "Spark Gap" is a little hard on the tongue. Not catchy enough to grab my interest as a casual gamer is what I mean to say. I think it is because the end of the first word "Spark" and the the start of the 2nd word "Gap" are 2 hard consonants, so its like an extra effort for me to say the entire phrase. As opposed to [for example] "Electro Gap". It's not the best name, but It just takes less effort to say. Which is why sometimes the one word titles are a bit easier, like "Brilliance" or "Current." Just something to think about.

    .... I really should post so you guys can tear me up lol.