Thursday, September 5, 2013

My ideas

 Here is my logo ideas. I haven't try anything fancy yet for the logo, but I want to use the symbols of AC and DC and fuse them together. So far, I like the one at the top left, it can be the in-game (loading) logo.

 These are some ideations for Edison, I want him to look a bit crazy with some goggles.

These are some machine design with the idea of phonograph and turn it into a robot. This is Edison's robot, as well as a boss in the game maybe...

Here is ideations for Tesla.

 Tesla's wife, a character that will appear in the game also...
 Here is some paintings I did so far for the characters:


Phonograph (robot)



  1. Im getting kind of an 80s vib from it, maybe its the "glam rock David Bowie hair" that Edison has but i think its a good start. have you thought of a story?

  2. Yeah, I believe I emailed all of you guys about my story yesterday.