Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Work in progress moment

Hey guys here is what i got so far, have at it. 
Feeling like i'm in a funk hopefully i can polish this for Friday

Here are some of the more clear thumbnails


  1. do you have other thumbnails we can look at?

  2. They are super rough, i don't know how much you could get out of them. But i could scan them in and post.

  3. Haha, I just wrote you a huge crit and then clicked the image before posting so it deleted the text. No biggie, Ill just write it up again.

    I'm going to be super critical because I want to help you improve. I'm not going to beat around the bush, this painting need some work. I hope you don't think I'm being mean, but this is how I crit work for friends, and I think you have a pretty thick skin so I think you can take it. Also, i've been pulling like 16 hour days in the building since the semester started so I;m a bit grumpy haha.


    Overall I think the color and lighting choices are giving off a good moon. I like that you are attempting a blue fill light, but you should keep in mind where the fill is coming from. If it is blue ambient light from the sky, you should add some of the blue color into the sky, but if it is an independent light source off screen, you should add a little bit more intensity so it feels more like a light source. I would also tone down the Lens flare, or remove it completely, I don't think it's a bit distracting and doesn't add anything to the piece.


    I would double check your perspective on the ground plane he is standing on. I think the cast shadows on the rocks flatten out the image. They should follow the form of the rocks, and converge to the light source. The tall skyscraper in the cityscape is also a little out of perspective. We should see a little bi more of the under plane of the top disc shape, and none of the top plane on the bottom disc shape because it is so far above the horizon line.

    I'm not quite sure what the character is supposed to be doing. Did he stop climbing the rocks to stare into the sunset, or is he moving through the level. Both actions can make a big impact for the storytelling of the piece. I would pick one, and it it super clear. Also the shadow on his left leg, and right arm seem to fall, and flatten the form a little bit.

    Small stuff:
    The racked focus you got going on in the foreground is cool, but you should also blur the texture. The dutch angle is also pretty interesting, but make sure everything is following that. Right now the debri hanging from the top of the painting is completely vertical, but should be angled more to the left. I would paint it without the dutch angle first, and then tilt the camera once you are finished.

    Also your thumbnails are pretty busy. I know you probably did them for yourself, and didn't intend to show it to anybody, but there isn't a clear focal point in your thumbnail drawings unlike tHe final painting which has a super clear focus.

    I hope that was helpful :/

  4. Haha, there are a few typo's, but I hope you can understand it.

  5. Dude that was a perfect crit, no worries!
    Also you were right about the thumbs, i should make it clear to anyone who views it.

    Thanks man!